Offensive vehicle plagues the Valley, disgusts parents picking up kids outside Chatfield Elementary School

This vehicle bearing a gigantic, profane decal was spotted in the parking lot at the Texas Roadhouse on November 15. Now it’s plaguing a local elementary school.

This obnoxious vehicle and its huge, offensive window decal was spotted in the parking lot at the Texas Roadhouse on November 15. At that time I dismissed it as yet another disappointing reminder that there are people living among us here in the Grand Valley who tend to be full of hate and who lack respect for others.

But it was quite another thing when the same offensive vehicle was seen parked outside Chatfield Elementary School where it was seen by a mom who was waiting to pick up her seven year old daughter. Unfortunately, her child spotted the offensive car, instantly giving the child reason to question her mom’s efforts to keep her from swearing.

Talk about putting a well-meaning parent in a bad spot.

The besieged mom said seeing the vehicle at the school was “frustrating because my daughter is really impressionable, and I have to censor so much already. I don’t cuss like that when she’s around and even have to monitor what TV programs she watches. It’s hard enough without this.”

That parent was undoubtedly not alone in her feelings about this vehicle.

It’s great to know there are parents in the valley who are teaching their kids that profanity is inappropriate, but it plicates parents’ lives immeasurably and embarrasses good people among us to have offensive displays like this parading around our neighborhoods and parked outside out schools.

But what can be done about it?

The same vehicle was seen outside Chatfield Elementary School on Wednesday afternoon, December 4, at 4:00 p.m. by parents who were waiting to pick up their kids. It was also illegally parked in front of a fire hydrant.?

State laws may prohibit it

Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 18-9-111 in the criminal code prohibits “Offenses Against Public Peace, Order and Decency.” Section 1(h) of that law makes it illegal for someone to “Repeatedly … make munications in offensively coarse language to another in a manner likely to provoke a violent or disorderly response.”? Or it could e under CRS 18-9-117, which prohibits activities that create a general nuisance on public property. The decal could also be illegal under CRS 42-4-226, the motor vehicle law that prohibits a vehicle’s windows from being “covered by, or treated with any material or ponent that, when viewed from the position of the driver, obstructs the rear view of the driver or makes such window or windows nontransparent.” Someone could try reporting the car to law enforcement, along with the license plate number (XCQ 359) and a description of the vehicle.

But laws are only as good as their enforcement, and good luck getting those enforced here in Mesa County, where people seem to be able to get away with a lot when it es to criminal justice. Violation of these laws are only misdemeanors or traffic tickets anyway, which doesn’t amount to much of a deterrent.

Public shaming might be the best tool

Perhaps the one way left to bat profane displays like is to gather the courage to speak directly to the vehicle owner. Let them know, without using profanity or defacing the vehicle, of course, how embarrassing their decal is to the munity and you as parents, and how difficult it is making it to raise kids right around here.

Public shaming can be a powerful tool — even more powerful than laws — at helping encourage more respectful, positive behavior from area residents. It also may be all we have left to check this kind of behavior from the least respectful people among us.


Bonsai Design sued over injuries incurred on Vail’s Game Creek Zipline

A platform at Vail Resort’s Game Creek Canopy Tour zipline attraction.

A lawsuit** (pdf) was filed in District Court last July against Las Colonias Business Park anchor tenant Bonsai Design and Vail Resorts for injuries a guest incurred on Vail Resort’s Game Creek Zipline Tour on July 7,?2017.

Lisa Cowles of Wisconsin filed the lawsuit (pdf) on July 22, 2019, challenging the “unreasonably dangerous and defective design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of the ‘Game Creek’ zip-line course in Vail, Colorado.” Bonsai manufactured and installed the zipline course in 2015, and Vail Resorts operates it.

Now you can get free, medically-accurate sexual health info anonymously via text

Do you have questions about sexual health but can’t afford to call a medical doctor? Are you finding it tough to find somewhere on the western slope where you can get unbiased, non-judgmental, medically-accurate sexual health info on your specific situation?

Planned Parenthood now offers a FREE chat/text program that allows young people to live-chat with trained health educators from their cell phone or puter about any topic dealing with sexual health.

This service is available nationwide and it provides pletely non-judgmental, medically-accurate information on any and all sexual and reproductive health topics, including the various kids of birth control, how they work and how to use them, sexual intercourse, how and where to obtain emergency contraception, sexually-transmitted diseases/infections, pregnancy, abortion, unusual discharges, menstruation and anything else you need info on.

To access the program, just text PPNOW to 774636 to get started. It’s 100% anonymous and 100% free.

New scholarship established for western Colorado LGBTQ+ students

Jeff Basinger, July 8, 1953 – May 6, 2018

Western Colorado’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender + (LGBTQ+) students have a new scholarship fund to boost their higher education aspirations, thanks to the thoughtful people who formed the Basinger Leadership Scholarship mittee. The Jeffrey Alan Basinger Leadership Scholarship was established to recognize beloved local resident Jeff Basinger, who died in May of 2018. Jeff was a strong advocate for western Colorado residents living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ+ munity through decades of working with various munity organizations, and as a volunteer. Jeff worked on the “Vote No on Amendment 2” campaign in 1992 and was a founding member of the mon Decency Coalition, which later became Western Equality. He belonged to the Grand Junction Downtown Association and other munity organizations, had a deep working historical knowledge of the Grand Junction area, and a long and successful career working with the Western Colorado AIDS Project (WestCAP).

Why I voted “no” on Proposition DD

Proposition DD on the November 5 ballot would legalize gambling on amateur and professional sports and tax the proceeds at a rate of 10% to pay for “water projects,” purportedly projects proposed in the Colorado Water Plan.? I wasn’t sure how to vote on Prop DD until I did some research on it and put some thought into. What I found convinced me to vote “no.”

Here’s what I found out:

The hero of City Market 24 Road

David at City Market 24 Road


Meet David, the best employee at City Market 24 Road.

Have you ever gone into a City Market, asked a store employee for help finding a product, had the employee march you all around the store for ten minutes looking for it, call the store manager who is also clueless, and then the employee finally shrugs, gives up and admits he or she doesn’t have a clue?

That’s not David.

David never fails to impress. He knows exactly where everything is in the store, he knows all about food, how to use all of the products in the store and lots more.

Grand Junction High School photos

In case you haven’t had a chance to tour Grand Junction High School prior to the November 5 election, the following photos were taken inside the school on a tour on Saturday morning, October 19, 2019. What the photos cannot relate are the odors in some of these areas, which were quite objectionable. Ventilation was lacking in many areas. Measure 4A on the Mesa County Ballot will fund construction of a new Grand Junction High School. The current building was constructed in 1956. AnneLandmanBlog urges a “YES” vote on Measure 4A for fund a new school:

Classroom on the east side of campus

AnneLandmanBlog Voter Guide, 2019

Wondering how to vote in the uping election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019?

Following are AnneLandmanBlog’s remendations for how to vote in the 2019 Coordinated Election Ballot for our area for 2019.

I reached my conclusions by attending Q and A programs about the issues, touring Grand Junction High School, talking to Mesa County School District 51 School Board members, researching Secretary of State reports about the funders who are promoting and opposing the ballot issues and researching information related to the ballot issues (e.g. societal costs associated with gambling, the condition of the Las Colonias land with respect to mill tailings remediation there) and by taking into consideration what I know about local history that is pertinent to the issues.

Here are the remendations on how to vote:

Mesa County blunders headline on economic development web page

The headline today on Mesa County’s web page about economic development. Can you say “embarrassing”?

Way to rep the county, Mesa County missioners.

Mesa County’s website about economic development seeks to lure businesses to here and to “elevate the munity profile,” so it doesn’t help when the county blunders the big headline of the page that seeks to do that. missioners might want to correct the glaring misspelling in the page’s headline. The error gives business owners the impression that education is unimportant in Mesa County, but that can’t possibly be true, can it?

Rick Wagner’s column illustrates problems with conservative thought

Rick Wagner’s column in the October 16, 2019 issue of the Daily Sentinel

In his column in the 10/16/2019 issue of the Daily Sentinel, local lawyer and perennially annoying right-wing political columnist Rick Wagner asks why Proposition CC on the current ballot is identified using double letters. “Have we run through the alphabet once already?” Wagner guesses, apparently attempting to infer something negative about the state ballot. He doesn’t answer the question, and is content to not to find out the real answer.

This demonstrates a mon problem with right wing argumentation: They are an incurious bunch and think information doesn’t matter. Don’t know something? Gloss over it, make a joke, make some incorrect innuendo. No one cares, no big deal.

Wagner thinks his readers should just take his word for whatever he says.